Toddler Meal Planner #5

Breakfast Lunch Tea/Dinner
Monday Porridge & raisins. Tinned Mackerel in tomato sauce, baked sweet potato, frozen mixed veg.Yoghurt.


Baked beans & cheese on toast.Tinned pear slices.
Tuesday Blueberry wheats & full fat milk.Sliced banana. Prawn mayo sandwich, carrot sticks, toddler crisps.Mango. Ham & cheese omelette & broccoli.Yoghurt.


Wed Shreddies with full fat milk.Sliced banana. Scrambled egg on wholemeal toast.Peaches & custard. Slow cooker beef stew, cous cous & peas.Yoghurt.
Thurs Blueberry wheats & full fat milk.Fruit pot. Tuna, cheese & broccoli bow tie pasta.Pear slices. Peanut butter sandwiches.A clementine.


Friday Marmite & butter on toast.Pear slices.


Chicken risotto.Pineapple. Sweetcorn & fish chowder. Half a bagel each.Yoghurt.
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