Hello Spring! Toddler Scavenger Hunt Free Printable


Good morning! The weather has been so lovely recently, that I’ve really got that spring feeling, although i’m feeling a little fuggy at the moment due to hay fever. It’s weird, as I’ve never really had it before, but it seems to really be affecting me at the moment. Feels quite like you have a cold, and generally a bit crap- I have new empathy for long-term sufferers!

We also started potty training Sasha, and fingers crossed, one day in, it seems to be going ok and she is starting to ‘get it’. This means that for most of this week, we’ll be spending a fair bit of time at home, or at least close to home whilst she gets the hang of it.

In order to keep them both Freddie and Sasha occupied for a longer period of time about the place, I thought i’d knock up this little spring scavenger hunt for them, and they can go exploring and look for the spring and nature related items on the list. They get so excited hunting for bugs, worms etc in the garden, that i’m sure they’ll love a whole list of stuff to tick off. Great for at home in the garden, or out and about in your local area with your toddler/ preschooler!

I’ve made this into a free printable for you, so you can print off a copy and use too!

Please click HERE for it.

Ideally you print it off and then laminate it, then your little ones can use a washable felt tip or marker pen to tick off each thing as they see/find it, and then you can wipe clean for another time. Plus it makes the sheet easier for them to hold and doesn’t get all mangled whilst you’re on your mini scavenger adventure!

Hope you enjoy it, and have a great Tuesday!

Becky x

PS if anyone has any good tips for battling hay fever, i’d love to hear them!

2 thoughts on “Hello Spring! Toddler Scavenger Hunt Free Printable

  1. This is brilliant! I normally draw a list of things to spot, but my drawing is really not up to much and leads to some confusion as to what we are looking for! Printing and lamentating ASAP! Thanks


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